Smoking Damages the Heart Too

HBI Blog / Smoking Damages the Heart Too

We’ve been made aware of how tobacco abuse, specifically smoking can damage our lungs, but what we didn’t know was how it can also damage the actual anatomy of the heart. A recent study showed exactly how smoking impacts a person’s blood vessels and weakens the heart structure. Smoking also doubles the risk of a heart attack while it triples the risk of a stroke.

How does it happen?

So what exactly is inside a cigarette that is making people so addicted? That’s a fairly reasonable question to ask and to answer, it’s Nicotine. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to narrow, restricting the flow of the right amount of blood through them. Hence, it’s safe to say that nicotine increases blood pressure. It also causes a condition called atherosclerosis that damages the heart both directly and indirectly.

To quit or not to quit

Data from the fifth Copenhagen City Heart Study found that individuals with 10 years of smoking history had thicker, heavier & weaker hearts, implying how smoking throughout the years has damaged the heart. But quitting can reverse this weakening heart to some degree, says Dr. Holt and her team.

In conclusion, quitting is probably the healthiest option for both your lungs and your heart.

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