Social Media, A bubble of delusion

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Social Media, one of the most life-changing discoveries of the 21st century, has made the world fit into our palms. A total of 4.6 billion people worldwide out of which 70% are North Americans are the daily user of social media.

Every other person’s favorite activity on social media is to share and change the opinions of others. But how many people read an entire article before they share it? Well, it only constitutes of 28% of the entire population on social media.

The phenomena of Subjective Knowledge

A recent study with 2500 users was published. out of which 49% of participants aimed to change other’s opinions while the other 68% aimed to create a sense of superiority in this virtual space. 

Another research found out that sharing a piece of an article (even without reading it) gives a boost to one’s confidence and increases the self-perception about how knowledgeable they are. This phenomenon is known as increased subjective knowledge. This leads to behavioral change and impacts decision-making.

The Impacts of Social Media

  • Sharing news may be beneficial, but the encrypted sense of self-image that one forges out of this situation is more harmful than beneficial. 
  • As no one bothers to read before sharing, the circulation of fake news has become a regular phenomenon on social media.

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