Special Sounds to Stop Nightmares

HBI Blog / Special Sounds to Stop Nightmares

Crazy nightmares & weird dreams have plagued most of us at some point. But there are about 4% of adults are plagued by the distressing and recurring nightmares.

To ease patients with chronic nightmares, researchers found that hearing specific sounds while sleeping helped.

Nightmares & Nightmare disorders

Most might think it’s normal to have frequent nightmares. But there exists a branch of disorder related to nightmares widely known as Nightmare disorder. It can be treated with Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT). But on the downside, only 30% respond to this treatment.

An Improved way of treatment 

Target memory reactivation, a technique whereby people are taught to associate a cue, such as a sound or smell, with something they wish to recall, is added to IRT to increase its efficacy. Individuals are then exposed to that cue when they are sleeping, which helps to solidify the memory.

This method is also accompanied by added benefits like an increase in positive dreams.

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