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Pandemic And Brain Age In Teenagers

We’ve all handled this pandemic in our ways. The stress of the COVID-19 epidemic not only caused mental health issues in some teenagers, but also accelerated the aging of their brains. Teenagers’ brain scans after the pandemic, revealed physical changes. These changes were not seen in the brains of similar age groups tested before the outbreak. What Did […]

When Gardening Turns Into Therapy

We adopted multiple ways to adapt to the lockdown lifestyle. One such way was gardening. This became a mechanism to cope with lockdown loneliness ad acted as an equivalent to therapy. Research has shown that therapeutic communal gardening reduced loneliness as the pandemic paralyzed the United Kingdom.  Therapeutic Gardening- A case study The project monitored individuals with mental […]

COVID-19: Hospital Revenue Losses Might Pile Up to $122B in 2021

The hospital revenue losses throughout the country might be down to anywhere between $53B to $122B, as compared to pre-pandemic levels because of COVID-19. Moreover, it might also affect vaccination efforts. According to a new analysis that was released by the American Hospital Association (AHA), the health systems and hospitals, under the most optimistic scenario, […]

Italy Worst-Affected in Europe Virus Death Toll: AFP

According to an AFP tally, Italy on Saturday became the country with the highest virus death toll in Europe. The new total is 64,036 deaths, outnumbering Britain. The Italian health ministry reported that 649 new cases of coronavirus were registered in the past 24 hours and 19,903 new cases were diagnosed. Worldwide (virus death toll), […]

The Lockdown Returns

As much as we hate the headline(The Lockdown), it is true. Southern California went into a strict lockdown starting Monday, December 7, 2020. The decision is even more crucial, now that the vaccine is slowly being distributed. More than 20 million people under stay-at-home orders triggered as hospitals are flooded with overwhelming numbers of COVID-19 […]

WARNING: Deadly Second Wave of CoronaVirus to Hit Middle East

With winter right around the corner, coronavirus cases are surging across the world and the  Middle East is no exception. However, the regional director for WHO fears that the worst part of the second wave is yet to hit. The fundamentals of pandemic response, from social-distancing to mask wearing, “are still not being fully practiced […]