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Smoking Damages the Heart Too

We’ve been made aware of how tobacco abuse, specifically smoking can damage our lungs, but what we didn’t know was how it can also damage the actual anatomy of the heart. A recent study showed exactly how smoking impacts a person’s blood vessels and weakens the heart structure. Smoking also doubles the risk of a […]

Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Stress Bite

Want to do LIFE better, sleep better. Sleep, like breathing, is an essential function that our bodies perform to support us during the awake hours. Although, unlike breathing, blinking and other autonomous functions, sleep requires an active effort to commence, but the impact of this activity supports all human functions. We’ve all had throbbing headaches […]

Brief Education Reassures Patients with Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

It is a common scenario when patients diagnosed with non-cardiac chest pain are reluctant to believe that they do not have heart disease. Research concluding that the test results, if explained to the patients, will not only convince them but also will reduce the likelihood of future chest pain. The research is presented at EACVI […]

Is Mole Removal Worth Considering?

Moles carry a different meaning for different people. While some think of a mole as beauty marks, others consider it embarrassing and want to get them removed. What is a Mole? If put most simply, a mole is a growth on the skin. Many people are born with it, while in others’ cases, a mole […]