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Big Gaps in Care and Even Bigger Medical Debts

The movies, Dallas Buyers Club, Last Holiday, Sicko, The Rainmaker, John Q and Breaking Bad all point to one thing in common: The ugly side of the American Healthcare System.  The United States spent about 16% of the total GDP on healthcare from 1980-2019, when compared with the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. All, but […]

Mental Health Vs. Physical Health. Are They Equally Important?

What is one thing common between Heart Health, Liver Health, Reproductive Health and even in Oral Health? Public awareness. Far too often Mental Health is not considered an important aspect of good physical health. “Suck it Up, Buttercup” is the most common community advice. There is a lot more to mental health than just “having […]

I See You, Said Radiology

Radiology is an incredible part of the healthcare. Most people understand the most basic idea, to capture images inside the body to avoid cutting it open in order to diagnose problems and disease. However, facts such as how it works, when it is really needed, how it is read, and why it seems to be […]

Shrinking Insurance Coverage for Physical Therapy

As more and more people struggle with high costs, especially for health care, it is becoming evident how many services are being taken away by the new regulations. In the past few years, insurance companies seem to have become focused only on the least costly fix for a problem. Only the Problems, that have gotten […]

Facing Insurance Delays? – You Have Better Things To Do

The delays caused by getting and using health insurance are resulting in wide reaching consequences. Although, not all patients or providers experience these consequences during their daily interactions, during our research, we found some astounding insurance delays numbers that seriously need to be reconsidered by everyone involved in healthcare, really we mean everyone… Doctors, Doctors […]

Chiropractors? Is it Time to Turn Back?

Chiropractors are among those groups of doctors that have the hardest time with insurance companies. For reasons unknown to the rest of the world, the average insurance plans pay very little, if any, coverage for this branch of health care services. Moreover, the plans that do have any kind of coverage are so strict that […]

Health Insurance Deductible: Family Deductible

Family Deductible… although sounds very simple, but it ain’t, for certain. Let’s dive deeper. Simply put, it is designed to help families with their total annual health insurance deductible. We wrote a detailed article on what is individual health insurance deductible. What is Family Deductible? Most family health insurance policies come with a deductible amount […]

Physician Practices Demand More from Provider Relief Fund

Future distributions of Provider Relief Fund should prioritize allocation to physician practices struggling with the financial consequences of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, rather than just hospitals, physician groups are urging lawmakers. Where is the Focus? Physicians practicing outside of the hospital systems in the country have already invested thousands of dollars in infrastructure to support […]

The Price Transparency Rule & Non-Compliance of Major Hospitals

Around two-thirds of the largest hospitals in the US are yet to fully comply with the new price transparency rule, with most of the hospitals missing payer-specific charges. The new price transparency rule went into effect on January 1, 2021. Where the Hospitals are Lacking? According to recent research, nearly two-thirds of the 100 largest […]