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Hospital Revenue Starts Recovering from COVID-19 Losses Slow & Steady

According to a recent report, the hospital revenue, margins, and volumes of the hospitals have slightly increased in April 202, both on a year-to-date and year-over-year basis. However, speaking in terms of recovery from the losses incurred due to COVID-19, it is a long way to go. The margins are still thin, and hospital financial […]

Poor Patient Referral Management Responsible for 10% Revenue Loss of Healthcare Facilities

Around half of the healthcare organizations throughout the country are losing more than 10 percent of revenue because of patient leakage. Almost a quarter of them do not track out-of-network patient referrals. A new survey shows that most healthcare organizations are losing a part of their revenue because they are failing to manage referrals and […]

Despite Vaccine Rollout, Hospitals to Operate in Negative Margins

More hospitals will be operating in the red in 2021 despite smooth vaccine rollout and reduced COVID-19 hospitalizations, according to a report from the American Hospital Association. The operating margins will be negative for more hospitals as compared to the pre-pandemic period. The Marginal Differences The analysis found that 39 percent of the hospitals throughout […]

COVID-19: Hospital Revenue Losses Might Pile Up to $122B in 2021

The hospital revenue losses throughout the country might be down to anywhere between $53B to $122B, as compared to pre-pandemic levels because of COVID-19. Moreover, it might also affect vaccination efforts. According to a new analysis that was released by the American Hospital Association (AHA), the health systems and hospitals, under the most optimistic scenario, […]