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Telemedicine & Health Insurance Coverage

Telehealth was a matter of rarity last year. This year, amidst the pandemic situation, it has emerged to be a common practice. When the pandemic started, the usage of telehealth went up from around 13,000 visits per week to about 1.7 million. This was only among Medicare recipients. During mid-March and mid-June, when the pandemic […]

Health-Tech Predictions for 2021

We say, a new year comes with new hope. But we have not meant it like this year ever. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual health and digital healthcare by at least three years. The healthcare industry has fast-forwarded in several areas including telehealth, artificial intelligence, and remote monitoring to offer patients peace […]

COVID-19 & The Effects of Postponing Essential Care

The worldwide pandemic caused several people to lose their job. However, along with their job, they have also lost their health insurance. Moreover, many such people have either avoided or delayed emergency care, treatments, or procedures out of the fear that they might get exposed to the virus while visiting their physician. Patients might face […]

Telemedicine: The Positive & Negative Impacts

The COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual care a normal thing in the healthcare industry. In 2019, around half of the outpatient hospitals offered telehealth services, whereas only one-third of the inpatient hospitals offered virtual care. However, the numbers have exploded in 2020. More than 41 million telehealth claims were filed between April and July 2020, […]