Teeth Cleaning: What are the Natural Options

HBI Blog / Teeth Cleaning: What are the Natural Options

Our teeth play an integral part in overall beauty. However, no matter how much you take care of your teeth, they might get stained easily. It might be the daily cup of coffee you have in the morning, or the can of soda you enjoy at your office, or the tobacco. Somefood products are known to cause dental damage in the long run.

To get rid of dental damage, you should opt for teeth cleaning at regular intervals. There are multiple products available in the market today. Some of them also claim to be teeth whitening products. However, natural things are always the best. There are a few options that you can consider to keep your teeth bright and shiny for many of the upcoming years.

Teeth Cleaning

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Why is Dental Health so important?

The mouth, being dark, warm, and wet, is the perfect place for bacteria to develop and multiply. As a result, plaque builds upon the teeth automatically. Here are some home remedies for better dental health. (Disclaimer: We are not providing expert advice, just sharing some commonly used home remedies. Please use at your discretion).

  • Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda work magic on teeth. Soak your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and dip it in baking soda before brushing the teeth. This combination breaks the bacteria and plaque off your teeth and also whitens the enamel.
  • Here’s a recipe to natural toothpaste for your family – take one teaspoon of baking soda, sage, and salt and mix them well. Brush with the mixture twice a day for bright and healthy teeth.
  • Instead of buying regular mouthwash from the store, use green tea as your mouthwash. The natural antioxidants present in green tea will provide you with natural teeth cleaning.

Why go to a dentist?

Though all the above procedures will keep your teeth healthy at home, it is advisable to visit a dentist at regular intervals for a thorough check-up. Certain things are not noticeable from outside. Only an expert can find and eradicate them. Nowadays, you can find 24 hours emergency dentists who offer various services like teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. In severe cases, they also do surgical tooth extraction.

So, while the natural, at-home procedures will keep your teeth healthy, it is advisable to visit a dentist regularly.

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