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$0, $0 and $0

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan– the nonprofit healthcare insurer recently announced a bunch of low-rate plans for Medicare members in 2021.

From HMO-POS and PPO options with a $0 premium to other no-cost benefits including medical and behavioral telehealth visits for the annual enrollment period in 2021

Out of Blue

By now, it is mostly clear that the insurance premiums for the 10 available Medicare Advantage plans in the Blue Cross and Blue Care network will either remain the same or will be reduced and will offer the customers expanded benefits.

However, what’s interesting is, for the first time, the Blue Essential PPO plan will come with a $0 premium, $0 medical deductible, and $0 in-network primary care provider visits.

The features also include preventive dental services along with routine hearing and vision coverage. The plan will be available in most counties statewide.

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