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There was a time when health care was fairly easy. You found a local cash medical practice, went to the office, got the help you needed, and paid a fair price for the service you received. This is not to say it was always cheap, some problems just cost more to fix than others, but the price was always justified for the help received. So while not every patient left the provider’s office happy, very few felt taken advantage of, and most returned when they had a new health problem, usually long before it became a serious health issue, allowing primary care physicians a chance to solve health care issues before they become serious and head off more expensive procedures if possible. Those days have long disappeared; leaving today’s patients feeling forced to put off serious procedures and important medications because of the costs associated with them. Here Health Beyond Insurance (HBI) is connecting self-pay patient with doctors to solve this issue.

The Health Insurance Solution

One of the first things teenagers are told when they are approaching the point of striking out on their own is to get health insurance. One of the most effective ways to attract the best talent to your company is to offer health insurance benefits. Pretty much everyone knows that health insurance is important and that they should have every bit they can afford.

Health insurance is a fantastic solution to parts of the health care costs problem. Anyone that can get insurance, should get insurance, for the simple reason that if you ever need serious medical attention, such as complex surgeries or life saving cancer treatments, you will find great comfort in knowing that the majority of the cost will be covered by the insurance you have now or are about to get.

However, insurance has a few downsides that policyholders should be made aware of so they can plan accordingly, or else find themselves facing huge and unexpected bills they might not be able to pay.

The Coverage Issue

Most insurance plans do not cover every procedure, test, or medication you might be given by a health care provider. Even the most expensive and inclusive policies do not always cover such things as complex and cosmetic dental care, mental health care, essential cosmetic procedures, elective procedures, preventive care, non-traditional health services and new drugs or treatments. Far too often, you find out these things are not covered when you need them most, or worse, after you have already received treatment and are standing at the payment window at the doctor’s office. This usually leaves the patient with three choices:

  1. Go without the service entirely, risking their health and maybe their life.
  2. Purchase a separate insurance plan specifically for the service needed if one is available.
  3. Pay for the services at the price the insurance company has set for the provider without receiving credit towards the deductible of their insurance policy.

Health Beyond Insurance (HBI) believes there is a 4th option – quickly and easily find a provider that is ready and willing to accept cash payments for the actual cost of the service. This is the option we present, and are proud to provide to you at absolutely no cost to you.

The Deductible Issue

For the average American, health insurance deductibles have doubled in the past several years, reaching over $1,000 before insurance coverage even kicks into effect. For the majority of policyholders, this high deductible is rarely met every year, or even every 5 years, unless they have ongoing medical problems. That means most people are already paying out of pocket for the majority of their health care services.

HBI believes that, since you are already paying cash for most of these services, there is no reason for you to pay more than necessary. We created our system around this belief, and have set out to ensure that you never need to pay more than the actual cost of any health care service you might need.

Insurance, the Lack Thereof

Despite the passage of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans are still without insurance coverage. Until this lack of coverage is corrected, those millions will likely go without any type of preventative health care, instead waiting until their problem becomes an emergency issue that invariably requires much more expensive treatment. Because the treatment is so much more expensive, often those bills will go unpaid, leaving the patient to be hounded by bill collectors while watching their credit rating crash, further exacerbating the financial difficulty that was the reason they did not have insurance in the first place.

Even those with insurance, because of the aforementioned deductible issue, are acting in the same manner, as if their insurance did not exist at all, since the deductible coupled with the provider restrictions leaves them feeling forced to go without preventative care because they cannot justify the costs.

It’s a vicious cycle that simply does not need to continue. Health Beyond Insurance (HBI) is dedicated to offering the solution that will stop this cycle dead in its tracks. When patients can choose their care they receive at a reasonable price, despite insurance restrictions OR their lack of insurance, everyone benefits.

The Health Beyond Insurance Solution

We all agree that insurance is important; we understand it has its problems, and we recognize that having insurance with high deductibles and endless restrictions, or being without insurance at all, creates situations where health and lives are put at risk and so many problems, seemingly without solutions.

Now there is a solution, a swift and easy solution that caters to you, a self-pay patient and a cash paying patient, without needless restrictions, pricey plans, or gimmicky add-ons that limit your choices or cause confusion. That solution is Health Beyond Insurance, one of a kind free health care portal to find direct primary care clinic.

Understanding Self-Pay

Becoming a self-pay patient and a cash patient is not nearly as scary as you might first believe when you have a partner that is just as eager as you to ensure your success. Self-pay simply means you will be paying for your health care with cash at the time you receive care or on a payment plan, completely separate from any insurance you might have or get in the future. You have been a self-pay customer for years in other industries, so you already know more than you realize about confidently taking control of your health care by being a self-pay patient and a cash patient.

Health Beyond Insurance (HBI) is excited to become your partner in this mission, and we specifically set up our entire system in order to make the process just as quick and easy as it can be without sacrificing the quality you need. We made sure that understanding self-pay was as simple as logging into our site and making use of the many benefits we offer our clients.

2.2 Finding Your Provider

The hardest part of being a self-pay patient and a cash patient is, by far, finding and choosing a direct care physician or a dentist that accepts self-pay patients or a surgeon who offers a bundled package for an elective or non-elective surgery. Before Health Beyond Insurance (HBI), finding a new provider meant hours of searching through websites and phone books and even longer making phone calls to ask questions. Not to mention, when you are searching for a provider that accepts cash payments, this can be even more stressful, as office staff that answer phones are not always aware if this option is available, meaning you might be misinformed and miss out on the perfect provider for you.

Now, however, we have taken the frustration and guesswork completely out of the equation, allowing you to find, research, and compare the prices of numerous providers offering the services you need for a cash price. Finding a new provider that accepts cash payments could not be easier, or faster.

2.3 Contacting Your Provider

Once you have chosen a provider, you simplay call their office and make an appointment for the service you selected for the price they have offered on HBI platform and on their site.

2.4 Transparency and Costs

The costs of health care are often shrouded in mystery, veiled by the shadow of paperwork, hidden in the bureaucracy of insurance claims. Even those without insurance are befuddled when it comes to the price of procedures, since they usually believe the actual cost of health care and the cost to a policyholder are the same thing.

The first surprise you are likely to receive in becoming a self-pay patient and a cash patient is the amazing savings you can receive simply because the bureaucracy, and all the costs associated with it, has been removed from the cost of the services you want and need. When you work one on one with your providers, without outside interference, you can finally take control of your health care by knowing the real costs of your services, without the hidden costs in both time and money or the seemingly without end frustrations.

2.5 Conclusion

Health Beyond Insurance offers you the solution to most of your health care problems, without asking you to give up your insurance, without expecting you to have insurance, and without expecting you to be an expert in all areas of health care. Instead, we bring to you the ability to finally take control of your health care in a way you never before imagined at a cost you can actually afford. We offer our secure and efficient system free of charge, in an effort to return health care to the hands of those that offer the services and the patients that use the services.

In other words, we are endeavoring to return ease of use, freedom, security, and choice to the health care system. Every day we work towards this goal, and every day we are grateful for each and every client Health Beyond Insurance HBI is able to help.

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