The Health Insurance Crisis & The SelfPay Solution

HBI Blog / The Health Insurance Crisis & The SelfPay Solution

As much as some politicians would like you to believe otherwise, the health insurance crisis has not passed, it has simply changed. Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, there were millions without insurance getting substandard care wherever they could. Since the ACA, there are now millions that can say they have insurance who are getting no care at all because of the high deductibles they are forced to take because of ever-rising premiums. The selfpay solution is becoming an obvious option.


The unfortunate truth in politics is that the whole truth is rarely ever told. You have been told over and over again about the millions that now have insurance because of the ACA. And that is true. But the whole truth is that less than 8 million new people, have insurance that did not have it before. The remaining millions are those that lost their insurance because of the ACA and had to replace it with more expensive ACA approved plans, usually with a much higher deductible than they had before.

The remaining hidden truths are that despite the ACA over 30 million Americans still have no insurance at all, while those that have the ACA approved plans are getting less and less real care thanks to the cost that the insurance companies control and the inexcusably high deductables their policies require.

Premiums on the Rise Again.

Unknown to many Americans, the health insurance companies in some of their state are seeking to raise the premiums they have to pay yet again, in some cases as high as 54%. Other states have already secured rate increases of over 30%.

With these rising premiums, the only way you and your family will be able to afford the insurance you are required by law to have is to accept even higher deductibles. Once again, you will be forced to pay out of pocket for most of your care until you reach the deductible (Hence, the reason behind trending selfpay solution). Thousands of dollars you can either use towards the things you and your family need or for health care.

The SelfPay Solution

Health Beyond Insurance was set up to resist these very problems. By returning the freedom of choice to patients and providers alike, we offer each something unique. We allow each person to get the care they need for a price that is reasonable, not controlled by the insurance companies. And we allow each provider to give the very best care in the way they know how, instead of being forced to treat patients like cogs in an assembly line.

Now is the time to join us. Take back your health care and your practices and once again make health care, about healing, instead of profit margins and price controls.

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