The Lockdown Returns

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As much as we hate the headline(The Lockdown), it is true.

Southern California went into a strict lockdown starting Monday, December 7, 2020. The decision is even more crucial, now that the vaccine is slowly being distributed.

More than 20 million people under stay-at-home orders triggered as hospitals are flooded with overwhelming numbers of COVID-19 cases. Governor Gavin Newsom had announced last week that once 85 percent of the ICU beds are filled, there would be statewide bans on gatherings and “non-essential” activities.

covid-19 lockdown

Most of the offices will remain closed under the new lockdown. Gathering of people from various houses is banned too.

While bars and personal service providers like salons will be closed temporarily, restaurants will remain open, but only for take-out and delivery. Non-essential travel has also been temporarily restricted.

California, the most populous state of the US, has registered 30,075 new infections on Saturday with 113 deaths in two days from last week.

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