The Pill that’ll soon replace the Gym

HBI Blog /  The Pill that’ll soon replace the Gym

We all know exercise helps to build muscle and improves bone formation. Scientists have come up with a drug that mimics this exact effect of physical exercise in a form of a pill. It is called Locamidazole (LAMZ). This drug caters to people who have suffered bone loss (osteoporosis) and muscle weakening (sarcopenia) due to chronic diseases, aging, etc. 

Pills At Work

LAMZ was identified as a potential drug that emulates exercise, it was further tested in a mouse model, both orally and through injections. The result was quite shocking. The treated mice had thicker muscle fibers and greater muscle strength than compared to the non-LAMZ-treated mice. Overall LAMZ administered mice had more endurance and high performance.

After taking a closer look at the bone cells of these strong mice, researchers found that LAMZ has increased the number of mitochondria. Further research showed a repeated expression of a gene for PGC-1 alpha has also increased in these cells. PGC-1 alpha is a protein that maintains muscle, and bone cells and increases the production of mitochondria.

Pills over Gym?

Even though LAMZ is quite the miracle of a drug with no side effects, it still isn’t the elixir that will replace exercise once and for all. Exercise should always be our first consideration. It is just an alternative for physically incapable people who require muscle gain and improved bone density.

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