The Wonders of Black Tea

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Black tea

Tea is the most consumed beverage after water. Black tea (89% of people) is specifically popular in the US & UK, while the other parts of the world are fascinated by other types of teas. All the tea connoisseurs will surely agree with us on that.

A recent study has discovered that longevity can be enhanced by 12% by just drinking two or more cups of black tea every day, so tea not only tastes good but it’ll also help you to live longer.

  • British way of drinking black tea: With little milk, 2 sugar and a biscuit (not a cookie).
  • South Asian way of drinking black tea: Lots of milk and a lot of sugar. Cook tea, milk, and sugar until they are one body and soul and then enjoy with something salty.
  • American way of drinking black tea: There are 2 ways:
    • Sad: A tea bag and hot water with monk sugar.
    • Very Sad: Chai Latte (yuk).

What are the benefits of black tea?

A bioactive compound known as polyphenol (theaflavins & theaburgins) along with a ton of antioxidants is present in black tea. This is known to protect against several health conditions like

  • High blood pressure
  • Some cancers
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes

How does it affect you?

Although, black tea helps you live longer (an happier in non-Americas), it has some side effects (if consumed in high quantities) associated with it, here are a few of them:

  • High polyphenol ingestion can be dangerous to health, so watch out on how many cups you’re drinking a day.
  • Tea also contains caffeine! Therefore, for all the caffeine-sensitive people out there, drinking more than three cups of tea (180mg of caffeine) can cause problems.

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