Tips for Travel Health Insurance for Visitors to USA

HBI Blog / Tips for Travel Health Insurance for Visitors to USA

Since COVID-19 Pandemic, the US is slowly and cautiously opening her boarders to the visitors. The country is following a three-phased approach as per the advice of public health experts. People have started packing their bags and are gearing up for the trip to the country. However, keeping the pandemic and its effect in mind, it is advisable to definitely opt for travel health insurance when you are visiting the country.

Tips for Travel Health Insurance for Visitors to USA

Even before you pack your bags and book the flight tickets, take a look at the following points to enjoy hassle-free travel:

  • Apart from knowing the type of visa you need to visit the US, you must be aware of the healthcare system of the country. It is very risky for people to stay uninsured in America, as hospitalization or other medical emergencies can leave you with huge medical bills.
  • It is always a good idea to be careful when outside your home country. Several US insurers have designed tourist-specific health insurance plans, which can be used by foreign tourists within the United States.
  • It is possible to buy health insurance when on a tourist visa in the USA while you are still in your home country. You can evaluate several health insurance plans based upon their price and benefits, and then choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Most of the health insurance plans for travelers to the USA exclude any services for pre-existing conditions. A few provide coverage in case of acute onset of pre-existing conditions, while some others provide more comprehensive services. Therefore, know what you need before starting the search for travel healthcare insurance.
  • Most of the health insurance companies have included coverage for Corona-virus in their existing policies for tourists while keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. While choosing traveler health insurance plan, make sure that coverage for Corona-virus is included in it.

While you might find great travelers health insurance plans with small premium fees, please read and understand the fine print regarding the “out of pocket cost”. Simply put, having health insurance does not mean everything will be covered. You might still have to pay co-payment, deductible and other associated (non-covered) costs.

For non-emergency cases, please do a little research on the internet and find doctors, surgeons, dentist and other healthcare providers that offer their services for a cash price, especially to the tourist. 1000s of tourists have found Health Beyond Insurance to be a great source to search for non-insurance providers

Health problems can disrupt your entire trip. Moreover, the current situation demands people, especially tourists and travelers, to be more cautious than ever. Choosing appropriate health insurance plan to cover the entire travel period is perhaps the wisest opinion in recent times.

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