Top 5 Ways To Save Health Care Dollars

HBI Blog / Top 5 Ways To Save Health Care Dollars

Ask About Prescription Alternatives

Your prescriptions almost never need to be exactly what your doctor writes on their pad. Almost all drugs have a cheaper generic form and some actually have over the counter options. Also, consider that the new drug is not always the best drug, although it is always the most expensive drug. Consult with both your doctor and your pharmacist with every new prescription to ensure you are getting the right drug without wasting your health care dollars.

Ask For A Discount

If you are a long time customer of your providers, ask for a discount. Approximately 60% of patients that ask for a discount, get one if you ask. Newer customers might be told no, but loyal customers are often given a break when they occasionally ask for a little consideration.

Take Your Prescriptions

More than half of all patients have recurring health issues because they don’t follow their doctor’s orders on prescriptions. Always fill your prescriptions immediately, take your medications on time, and finish the prescription. This can reduce your health costs by saving hundreds of health care dollars, even thousands when it comes to long-term medications that can keep you out of the emergency room and hospital beds.

Know Your Coverage

Even if you have elected to be a self-pay patient or cash patient for most of your health care, you should absolutely have insurance at all times to cover the costs of emergencies and hospital stays. Knowing exactly what your insurance covers can save you hundreds in other ways, however. For example, your health care insurance covers the cost of many types of visits and a few procedures as part of the cost of your monthly premium.

To save the most, make sure you take advantage of these insurance perks that do not cost you extra money and might include regular check-ups for your entire family, which is the best preventative measure you can take to save money.

Health Care Dollars and Your Bill

It is estimated that nearly half of all medical bills have errors that end up costing you hundreds of health care dollars. Make sure you check every bill that you get, compare it to the services you received, and do not make payment until you know you are paying for what you got and not for a mistake that was made.

Bonus Tip: Join Health Beyond Insurance

If you are not already a member, joining HBI can give you access to dozens of doctors in your area that support the self-pay revolution by offering the lowest possible price to cash patients. There is no need to pay more than you have to for your medical care if you are not locked into a provider by your insurance company! Join us today and start saving money every time you visit your health care providers!

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