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While researching health care issues for an informative, but quick for the reader list of top health care issues now and for the years to come, our researchers made something of a shocking discovery – the health care industry has no clue what the top health care issues are!

That is to say, not a single one of the documents, institutions or reports researched agreed on even a single issue as a “top” health care issue.

You might be wondering why you, as a patient and consumer, should care if they don’t agree. You should care because when you have too many issues at once vying for the top spot, NONE of them get the monies and supports they need to research, improve, or cure the conditions. That roughly translates into your health care dollars going to medicines, procedures, and efforts that are the pet project of whichever group has the best PR campaign and will make the most money overall for a company, rather than what might be best for you and your family for years or even generations to come.

At this time, the healthcare industry has been turned over so completely to insurance companies, patent clerks, and accountants, that there is no longer the kind of mass cooperation that created such cures as the polio vaccine, which had approximately 300,000 people working when the human testing was finally done in the 1950’s. The creator of this miracle vaccine, Jonas Salk, when asked who owned the patent replied “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?” It is said that he never made even a single dollar of profit from the polio vaccine.

If the same set of events happened in today’s climate (perhaps the HIV/AIDS epidemic could compare), could a Jonas Salk even exist, much less successfully create a cure to a devastating epidemic that he planned to give to the world for free? In this society, is it even possible that polio COULD be cured, when the money for corporations and insurance companies is never in the cure, but only in treating the symptoms?

We do not have the answers to any of the questions listed, but we felt the need to ask them. Health Beyond Insurance is, first and foremost, about the freedom of health care choice for patients and providers (doctors, therapists, labs, pharmacies and many more) alike. It causes great concerns that the very industry that we pay to keep us healthy seems much more interested in keeping you paying premiums and in need of chronic care than actually keeping you healthy. How can you or your doctor make good choices, when the industry that creates the medicines and procedures are only making choices based on the bottom line?

That one we can suggest an answer to… you can’t.

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