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Just about everyone that has any kind of business on the web or promoted by a website has heard of content marketing. However, not everyone that has heard of it really understands what their patients, or more importantly, future cash patients, actually needs from your website. Here are four of the most important things to get you started on the right path.

Who You Are and What You Do:

“About Uspages are awesome, but often professionals make this page all about education and length of time in practice. While this information is of interest to a potential client, you should also include some information that addresses more of who you are as a person and as a healthcare provider. Giving the client a glimpse of your direct payments method allows them a better opportunity to decide if they might be comfortable with you, and comfort is important to many self-pay patients and cash patients when they are seeking a new health care provider.

What Is That???

Listing your , and explaining them in clear, short, simple English will give your new patients a feeling that you want them to understand what to expect. Offering that bit of comfort up front can go a long way to convincing a patient that you are the right provider for them.

Easy To Read List for Self-Pay Patients:

In the current economic climate, one of the first things people need and want to know is how much will it cost. Giving your patient a clear and easy to read a list of fees and transparent prices for the most common procedures gives them a sense of control by allowing them to plan for costs they might not have been expecting.

Where Are You?

This last one is more about how patients find you and your content. HBI offers one of the best ways to make you a quick and easy find for future clients. When you visit our site and set up your provider’s account, you literally put your services and information at the fingertips of an almost never-ending list of new cash patients just waiting to find you and make you their new provider.

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