Virtual Yoga And IBS Symptom 

HBI Blog / Virtual Yoga And IBS Symptom 

Relaxing with yoga in the dawn is probably a morning ritual for a minority. But the latest study will make you want to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle too.

A recent study suggests that a virtual yoga program could assist people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) reduce their symptoms, exhaustion, and stress.

How Does Yoga Help With IBS?

In the yoga group, 14 participants (37%) had IBS-SSS scores that were decreased by 50 points, compared to 8 participants (20%) in the control group. Improvements in IBS symptoms, quality of life, stress perception, and stress associated with COVID-19 were reported by these responders.

More than 15-20% of people in North America suffer from IBS. Despite advancements in this field, patients only have a few options.

Why Yoga?

It’s crucial to think broadly and imaginatively about all of the therapeutic options when dealing with IBS sufferers. We frequently concentrate on treating symptoms but neglect to address the root cause.

Mind-body treatments could provide a therapeutic alternative like yoga that patients can utilize to better manage their disease and their overall health.

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