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Health care can be a nightmare.

For patients, it can be a relentless cycle of phone calls to health care providers and health insurance companies. It is hard to match up the care needed with care “allowed”. The ever present factor of affordability always veers its head.  It has become very apparent over the last several years that self-pay might be a better solution.

For healthcare providers, stacks of paperwork completely obscure patient care. Practitioners spend considerable time and thousands of dollars training to provide exceptional patient care. The bureaucracies of insurance companies may leave providers feeling as if they are secretaries INC, leaving them with the not so vague notion that somehow they have become secretaries, instead of the caregivers they intended to be, not caregivers. The question of whether or not self pay will alleviate some of these hurdles arises.

 Cash Health Services

Both the patients and doctors have surely felt that there has to be a better way, there is a feeling that there must be a better way. Here at Health Beyond Insurance (HBI) we feel the same way. We have made it our mission to create a dynamic platform for practitioners and patients to connect in a very organic manner.

HBI has eliminated the red tape and mystery of medical insurance and has made the doctor patient relationship more accessible. HBI strives to provide resources, security, reliability, and ease of use for all users.

The biggest problem we identified with an alternative to insurance, was the sheer number of providers available.  There was a lack of ability to compare providers without hours of searching. The precious hours could be used elsewhere and the hours of frustration could be avoided.

The solution was so simple it was hard to understand why it hasn’t been standard procedure for decades. All that was needed was a place for health care providers to list their health care services for a cash price where in turn self-pay/cash patients can find, compare, contact, and pay for their services on a secure platform.

Power of Cash Health Care Providers

Our number one goal is to leverage the power of healthcare providers and insurance weary patients to provide alternatives, freedom, and choice into the health care system. We have focused our efforts on the cash-prices for health care in order to offer the most freedom to all our self-pay/cash patients and cash providers. Patients can relish the ease and speed of finding providers ready to accept self-pay patients & cash patients, compare their services, and send them safe, secure messages, all from a single website.

Freedom, security, peace of mind… Welcome to Health Beyond Insurance.

About Health Beyond Insurance

An online platform that connects self pay patients with health care providers to provide an easy access to health care. Our mission is to remove the barriers around health care by providing convenient access to health care services and pricing, making it more accessible to all.