When Gardening Turns Into Therapy

HBI Blog / When Gardening Turns Into Therapy

We adopted multiple ways to adapt to the lockdown lifestyle. One such way was gardening. This became a mechanism to cope with lockdown loneliness ad acted as an equivalent to therapy.

Research has shown that therapeutic communal gardening reduced loneliness as the pandemic paralyzed the United Kingdom. 

Therapeutic Gardening- A case study

The project monitored individuals with mental health concerns while they participated in Trust Links’ therapeutic community gardens from 2019 to 2022. 

People’s self-reported life happiness and mental well-being increased by 9% as a result of sowing, planting, and tending to vegetables and flowers.

 Nature-based Treatment for Mental Illness

Growing evidence supports the use of nature-based therapies for the treatment of mental illness.

Therapeutic community gardening has significantly improved social relationships. It also provided constructive activities, given people life purpose and hope, and allowed people to spend time in nature and the outdoors. Therefore it has enormous potential to be scaled up.

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