Why Cash Only Doctors are Gaining Popularity?

HBI Blog / Why Cash Only Doctors are Gaining Popularity?

Cash only doctors, also known as direct-pay doctors are those medical professionals who offer their services without insurance. They accept only cash/creditupfront for their services and do no submit a claim to your insurance for their services. Some doctors, most commonly Direct Primary Care or DPC, charge their patients a monthly or annual membership fee, which is quite affordable. Cash-only doctors have become popular throughout the country among people of all ages.

Why Cash Only Doctors are Gaining Popularity.

Let’s take a look at why the trend is changing:

More Time to Spend with Doctor

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of a cash-only doctor. You, as a patient, can spend more time with your physician. You can thoroughly discuss the problem and can talk about the solution, the treatment process, and what is best for you. Direct Primary Care doctors and other Direct-Pay Doctors do not work for insurance companies and limit the number of daily visitors so that they can spend more time with a patient to eradicate their problem from the root.

Flexibility with Appointments

A recent study by the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine indicated that a full-time physician is assigned with 2,500 patients on average. At times, this number can go up to 4,000. Just do the simple calculation and find out the time a doctor can spend per patient with so many patients in hand.

Cash only doctors have the liberty to choose the number of patients they will be seeing. They intentionally choose fewer patients so that they can offer proper care to them. As a result, patients can enjoy same-day or next-day appointments in most cases with self-pay doctors.

Price Transparency

Transparency in treatment pricing is uncommon in the healthcare industry in the country. However, with cash-only doctors, the price will neither vary, not you will have to pay any hidden charges. The overall cost of treatment will be declared to you even before the treatment process starts, and you can also check for the bill amount at any stage of the treatment.

All the above benefits emphasize on one and only one thing – better care. Become a self-pay patient today and let Direct Primary Care doctors show you how the Healthcare should be.

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