Why Seniors & Telemedicine Go Hand-in-Hand

HBI Blog / Why Seniors & Telemedicine Go Hand-in-Hand

A few years back, the concept of telemedicine seemed to be new and complicated to elderly persons. With time, they have steadily adapted to the new systems, and the current pandemic situation has helped more and more seniors to adapt to the new technology.


If you are still thinking about giving telemedicine a try, here are some great reasons why you should start right away:

  1. You can gain easy, 24/7 access to healthcare professionals who will be able to diagnose and treat common illnesses and will help you efficiently manage chronic conditions. Moreover, they will also answer all your questions related to health and wellness.
  2. Telemedicine means no traveling. While it is common to spend a lot of money on traveling while visiting your doctor, it is not even safe during recent times. Besides, it seems to be an uphill task to get cleaned up, dressed, and get ready to visit a doctor, especially if you are ill. Telemedicine can not only save you from such burdens but also can save your money. A telemedicine visit costs around $50 and $75, with and without insurance, which is comparatively lower than that of in-person visits.
  3. There is a valid reason why telemedicine skyrocketed this year. People are aware of the virus. They are trying to help control the spread of the virus. By now, it is a proven fact that the recent virus can prove to be more harmful to elderly people. Telemedicine stands out to be the best way to get healthcare while practicing social distancing.
  4. It does not require to be tech-savvy to avail telemedicine services. A laptop, tablet, or computer with an internet connection is all you need. We agree that the first few times might be a bit difficult, but after that, it is just as easy as making a call.
  5. Telemedicine helps you take better care of yourself. As your age increases, you will find minute health problems, like a rash or allergy bothering you. However, with telemedicine at your fingertips, the days of bothering are gone. Now talk to the physician, and let them help you with all your health problems.

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