World-Saving Vaccine creator Husband-Wife Duo

HBI Blog / World-Saving Vaccine creator Husband-Wife Duo

Two years ago, Dr. UgurSahin made a bold prediction in Berlin that his company might be able to use its mRNA (messenger RNA) technology to develop a vaccine in case of a global pandemic.

At that time, little was known about Dr. Sahin and his company, BioNTech, which he founded with his wife, Dr. ÖzlemTüreci. The team were mostly focused on cancer treatment.

Also, COVID-19 did not exist at that time.

World-Saving Vaccine

However, Dr. Sahin’s words proved to be prophetic as on Monday, BioNTech and Pfizer announced the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Dr. Sahin and his team.

COVID-19 Vaccine – 90+ Efficacy

“There are not too many companies on the planet which have the capacity and the competence to do it so fast as we can do it,” Dr. Sahin said in an interview last month. “So it felt not like an opportunity, but a duty to do it, because I realized we could be among the first coming up with a vaccine.”

They also announced the vaccine to be more than 90 percent effective during trials.

“It could be the beginning of the end of the COVID era,” Dr. Sahin said in an interview on Tuesday.

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