Zebrafish Might Come to Rescue from Chronic Stress

HBI Blog / Zebrafish Might Come to Rescue from Chronic Stress

A team of researchers led by Allan Kalueff of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology carried out a study on chronic stress in zebrafish and concluded that the fish might be a valuable model species for research into the associated brain diseases. The paper was published in Scientific Reports.

Chronic Stress

The zebrafish, also known as Danio rerio, is widely used as a translational model in molecular biology, genetics, pharmacology, embryology, and recently in neurobiology.

In the study, neurobiologists modelled chronic stress lasting for about five weeks. They disturbed the fishes in the lab unexpectedly while monitoring the complex behavioural response.

Eventually, the fishes were diagnosed with anxiety-like conditions and serotonin metabolism deficit.

The stressed fish were given a common antidepressant named fluoxetine for 11 days, and the resulting behavioural and neurochemical changes were closely monitored.

The drug was able to reduce the symptoms and behavioural, biochemical, and transcriptomic analysis confirmed it.

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